A health revolution is taking place around the world.
And the results are dramatic

All over the world, millions of people have successfully lost weight (lots of it) and reversed medical conditions by changing the way
they eat. In many cases, the results are startling. People are able to lose 50kg or more, and keep it off. People who have been on
medication for years can reduce and sometimes stop taking drugs. Symptoms improve. Conditions disappear – all with food… and a
little knowledge, of course. We know it sounds far-fetched. But it’s real. We’ll show you how you can join this revolution.

Watch how a young Singaporean reverses T2 diabetes in 11 weeks on Low Carb

Spinnach is a mission-driven company.
Our mission is your health.

Spinnach is dedicated to helping people master the science and practice of Low Carb.
Our purpose is to help you lose weight and transform your health by succeeding with a Low Carb Lifestyle.
And we’d love you to help others succeed too. With great health, you can do great things.

Eat Better, Get Better… Do Good. Make the world better.

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Learn more
about Low Carb

There are hundreds of good resources that explain the science of Low Carb and all the health implications. There are books and websites and blogs and YouTube videos. But people don’t have hundreds of hours to become insulin and cholesterol experts. So, we have three objectives.

  1. To make your learning efficient.
  2. To point you in the direction of some of the world’s best resources.
  3. To showcase the work of leading experts – the doctors, researchers,
    authors and advocates who really know what they’re talking about.

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Watch our “simply explained” series on the
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Our Food Brand

BenBanter is our brand of carefully curated and sourced
food products to make Low Carb Living easier.

Available in Singapore. Other countries soon.

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Reversa –
Weight Loss

Our 12-Week Reversa weight loss program is the first in the world that guarantees results or gives your money back. This evidence-based program has been scientifically validated in randomised controlled trials. Our secret sauce is the way we personalize, coach and support your journey to success. Available in Singapore and South Africa.

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Let’s face it. Corporate wellness is a box checking exercise. Many companies do it, but it doesn’t really work. BMI – check. Cholesterol – check. Blood Glucose – check. And then what?

How come 40% of normal weight people are metabolically unhealthy? How do you identify them? How come high cholesterol in women improves mortality? Yes, that’s right. And, by the time blood glucose is elevated, you’ve probably been getting sick for 10 years. Why do we measure the last thing to break and not the first?

Our approach is completely different – we turn wellness on its head because we’re interested in identifying the right problems early and driving real results. And we get them – surprisingly cost effectively too. Let’s stop counting steps and start transforming lives!

Available in Singapore and South Africa. Contact us for more information.

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True Low Carb

True Low Carb is a technical standard for packaged food and meals so that people don’t need to
interpret complicated food labels. If you see the True Low Carb mark, you know it’s healthy. True Low
Carb gives you the assurance of strict carbohydrate adherence and the absence of unhealthy
ingredients like vegetable oils and unnecessary sugar. Available for licencing worldwide.

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We are involved in a number of initiatives to help build the Low Carb community and raise awareness
for Low Carb. These will be announced in due course. We also encourage and provide support for
others who are building Low Carb communities or promoting Low Carb in a responsible manner.

Our two curated Facebook Support Groups are:

Low Carb Singapore Diabetes Reversal Singapore

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