Spinnach is a health and wellness company based in Singapore. We invest in products and services that help people improve their health through lifestyle. At the core of this is diet because we believe what you eat is by far the most important determinant of your future health.


The Low Carb

In many places around the world, Low Carb (which stands for low carbohydrate) communities are taking off in popularity, as people
realize the potential for weight loss, blood sugar control, reversal of diabetes (type 2), and improvement of a whole host of
symptoms and conditions– and for many, simply feeling more energetic. More athletes are “fuelling with fat” as they learn the
benefits of sustained energy production and faster recovery, brought about by a Low Carb approach.

Spinnach is a
Low Carb company.

Everything we do is linked to this theme. We endorse the Low Carb approach and we are excited about the potential of carbohydrate restriction to help solve the world’s epidemic of chronic disease.

Our aim is to promote awareness for Low Carb, provide responsible education and access to information, tell inspirational stories, showcase the work of others, support Low Carb communities and provide our customers with products and services that help them learn, sustain and succeed with a Low Carb Lifestyle.

We already operate in Singapore, South Africa and soon the UK. We hope you will join us in ushering in a new era of great health, and help others to do the same. Drop us a line, join our YouTube Channel, visit one of our Facebook communities, subscribe for updates, get our free Beginners Guide to Low Carb, or join one of our programmes.

Eat Better, Get Better… Do Good.

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